Old Market Windows, LLC

Home to the Authentic Hand Sewn English Curtain

The specialty at OMW is quite simply old world craftsmanship. There is a keen sense of commitment to time honored traditions and techniques of fabrication originating from an era when quality was king and time seemed plentiful. Creations by OMW are true originals, given the distinctive construction of each project by a master curtain maker. These ‘one of a kind’ items have an extended period of longevity, as hand sewn techniques appear stronger than other forms of fabrication. This can be observed as one examines the fine archived pieces located in our nation’s most noted museums and private collections. For centuries, the handmade item has demanded time and attention. Given the appropriate amount of both, the final result is likely to never disappoint, as it is always a testament to patience, skill, and talent.

As OMW goes about stitching heirlooms of tomorrow, it is considered a distinct honor and pleasure to be an industry partner with architects and interior designers, as well as a supporting asset for museum curators and directors of historic sites.

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