Company Overview

Owned and operated by a master curtain maker, Old Market Windows is in existence to provide the design professional the opportunity of having their ideas and designs brought to fruition in a professional and timely manner, making sure all aspects of each project are fabricated and installed to their unique specifications and instructions. Attention to detail at every level is standard procedure at OMW.

As a matter of process, in depth research accompanies each project. All project patterns are drafted by hand from historical precedence to the correct proportions and specifications. All curtains are hand stitched utilizing age old English/European techniques. Soft furnishings are hand finished and upholstered items are completed to a fine furniture grade. Once the passementerie has been meticulously positioned, it is seamlessly hand stitched into place. Stitching threads are always color matched to ensure the beautiful and costly trim melds perfectly with the fabric.

The facility, located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, is approximately 2,500 square feet and serves the eastern and southern regions of the United States. Other locations are considered upon request. In addition, OMW is secured at all times by ADT Security Systems and is a climate controlled environment. The firm is completely and comprehensively insured to exceed industry recommendations and standards, as well as maintaining all necessary business licenses. The finest industry machines and equipment compliment the work area of OMW. Additionally, the workroom is a smoke free and pet free environment.

Because of the nature of projects by OMW, the majority of hardware used during installation is custom made by hand. Area artisans, as well as artisans in New York City, in collaboration with the workroom and the design professional, assist with the concept and implementation of the required and necessary products.

Additional information, as regards business procedures and standards of operation by Old Market Windows, LLC, is available upon request. However, in order to obtain such, a written request, on your company letterhead, must be received by OMW. Please enclose a current business card with your correspondence.

Old Market Windows, LLC, observes a policy of complete discretion, which protects the design professional’s, as well as their client’s, personal identity and privacy. Identification of design work by a specific designer used on this website is with specific written and/or verbal permission.